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Hack a Mac Gain Admin Access

Hey People!

I'm sure that many of you have been dreaming of having full administrator acess to your mac. On this web-site you will learn step by step how to hack your mac. Trust me, it's very easy and doesn't get you to open up your computer! Most of you will have school restricted macs (such as ETSB, Shoreline Schools, ect...) I have tested this hack on Mac Books, G4's and G3's and it worked on all of them. The only conditions to use this hack is not to reveal it to your principal or tech crew for they will find a way to block this for upcoming years or months. This hack takes about 10 minutes to complete.


I, this website or it's collaborators are in no way responsible if you get caught. Only your are responsible for your actions and www.hackamac.tk is in no way responsible for anything that will or could happen to you after this process. This website is intended to give information and build knowledge, not to get people in trouble or cause vadalism, damages, break privacy or copyright laws.


If in anyway you do not understand the rules or concepts please exit right away!   

Easily Gain Admin Privileges


February 14, 2007 :

Today I am putting the final touches to www.hackamac.tk The Hacking Registry is just in it's beginning and I hope it will attract many, many visitors! Right now it only gives instructions on how to gain administrator access to your Mac but the is a hell lot more to come! I am planning on adding more Mac-Hacks and a forum page in the near future and even more. I am open to suggestions and new information constantly please email me with information or new hacks at hacksubmit@gmail.com (until the forum comes in). Enjoy!


Basic Knowledge

            In this procedure we will use a program called Terminal. Terminal is a program installed on administrator accounts as the most important utility. You could run a Mac with only Terminal installed. Taking Terminal off another Mac wouldn't work in most cases since it's usually restricted.  To solve this problem I have compiled a version of Terminal that your computer will accept. All you will have to do after downloading the file is set your shell value (basically the path your computer  takes to access the core). I will explain step by step how to do everything in the next page (Gain Administrator Control).  Once again,  please  exit and do not enter the next pages if you do not accept the disclaimer.

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